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Ölphase auf Wasser

Contaminated sites: We solve problems instead of just describing them: rigorous data analysis combined with expertise in remediation techniques and legal framework allows us to find the optimal solution.

ehemalige Bahnfläche nahe zum Stadtzentrum

Brownfield redevelopment: Land consumption and urban sprawl can only be mitigated by prompt revitalisation of abandoned industrial and transit areas. We help with project planning by offering solutions derived from years of experience.

Baugrube mit Grundwasser

Groundwater: We provide clarity - even under complicated circumstances. State-of-the-art techniques such as hydraulic aquifer diagnosis, tracer tests or isotope methods are, among others, our essential tools in identifying contamination sources and performing realistic risk assessments.

3D-Ansicht eines Grundwassermodells

Groundwater modelling: In case of particularly complex issues, we simulate the natural system on all scales with computer-aided models. Flow and transport modelling allow for a better understanding of the relevant physical, chemical and hydrogeological processes, and provide an invaluable contribution to reliable decision making.